A walk in the park, an afternoon at the sculpture garden, a family breakfast or bedtime rituals at home. These are simple moments that can create lasting memories and reach beyond our time. I help to record genuine, {everyday stories} for you to cherish and share with loved ones.

As a mom of three little ones {binkies} and one furrier one {noseprints}, I am fascinated by the spontaneity of children and awed by their ability to bring a family together. Trained as an architect, I hope to share an {unique photographic perspective} on childhood and family that is modern and real.

ABOUT ME: I'm a recovering architect, with an {orange} color addiction, who can't live without: Family. Friends. Hounds. Books. The Beach. Autumn. Cameras. Computer. iPhone. Caramel frappucino. The words "dude!" and "nice!". Oh...and world peace ;-)


{Washington DC}